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2-Factor Authentication

This website is represent about 2-Factor Authentication for WordPress  by  “RV2Factor”.,  It will automatically delete every day.


  1. Credential Device ( Smart Phone ex. Android, Apple, Windows Phone )
  2. Symantec VIP Access ( )

Trial Step:

  1. Register to this site (Not need e-mail confirm).
  2. Log in to this site.
  3. First Log in system will ask you to add “Credential ID”., Please find it from your Symantec VIP Access
  4. System will ask “Security Code” from your Symantec VIP Access for prove  identity.
  5. Now you can logged in to WordPress and you can manage  your “Credential ID” in RV2Factor Menu.
  6. Your account now get more security., Other people can not log in to your account even  know your password.

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